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Financial Literacy

Is your program looking to add a financial literacy component to your program? Are you looking for a fun way to teach about money? If so, you are in luck because The Impact Student Success Program has a great resource for you. Click on the image above to find out more information about it.

Student Engagement

No matter what type of event you partner with us to do, we will be sure to answer any questions your students have as long as possible to make sure the points hit home. No matter the type of partnership we have with your program your students’ success is of the highest importance. This is why we work in special Q&A time with the students and we have FAQs to start the program off.

Supreme Value for Your Grant Dollars

Our goal is to help college bound students become successful high achieving students in the classroom and gainfully employed successful people once they leave the classroom. We understand the importance of getting maximum value from your grant funds. We have multiple partnership options for you and your students. Click the image above to see how you can partner with us.

“We’ve used Odell & The IMPACT Student Success Program for 4 consecutive years. We keep working with him because of the his professionalism and ability to relate to our young men. As long as we continue to have our grant, we will work with Odell and his company.”

Dr. Tonita Smith, Sampson Community College

“Odell is a fantastic speaker! The values and skills he talked about really struck a chord with me and my peers. He is a very engaging and all around cool guy. Definitely would attend another seminar if given the opportunity!”

Mason W, Student, Tennessee

“Odell is the kind of speaker that you want to listen to over and over again. He was born to be a motivational speaker. He is inspirational and has the ability to relate and engage with his audience. I had the amazing opportunity of attending one of his speeches last year. Immediately, when I knew that he was performing again, I took my sister so she could enjoy him as well. He not only motivates and engages with you, he also does it in a humorous way, which makes the experience even more pleasant.”

Meredith B, Student, Connecticut

Why Choose IMPACT?

  • 10s of thousands of students have successfully experienced an Impact program.
  • Interactive, fun, energetic presentations and trainings for students.
  • High in-kind match dollars for your grant.
  • Multiple resources & books for students to be able to take away after the presentation and utilize on their way to college.
  • Odell comes highly recommended by individuals just like you.

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